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Tribes 3: Rivals Early Access Launch Trailer

On March 12, early access of the network shooter Tribes 3: Rivals started on Steam . On this occasion, Prophecy Games studio published a release trailer online with gameplay footage. The video was accompanied by laudatory reviews from the press.



The cost of the shooter is 825 rubles, taking into account a 10% discount until March 26. Meanwhile, the peak number of players did not even reach 900 people . Reviews are “mostly positive.”

The main mode in the shooter is Capture the Flag, which is available in casual and competitive formats. The first one supports 16v16 play, the second one supports 7v7. There will also be a shooting range, training and custom lobbies.



Tribes 3: Rivals is a team-based first-person shooter with jetpacks, sliding, and a variety of classes.


Players ride, fly, fight and try to capture the enemy flag while defending their own. The game has several unique classes, each with their own abilities, features and weapons. Battles take place on various maps, from snowy peaks to hot deserts. This classic game combines tactics, teamwork and fast-paced gunplay with a new twist.


The developers of Tribes 3: Rivals expect the shooter to remain in early access for 6 to 12 months.


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