Trump’s home ransacked on suspicion of espionage

It turned out that FBI agents searched former US President Trump’s Florida home last week on suspicion of ‘violating the espionage law’. According to the publicly available search warrant, official documents were found in Trump’s home that few people had access to see.

It turned out that FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) agents were searching for official documents labeled “top secret” in former US President Donald Trump ‘s Florida home, which he raided and searched early on Monday . After Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the previous day that he had personally ordered the search, the Florida court made public the search warrant document, which included a list of those found in the house, yesterday. The document revealed that Trump’s mansion, also known as Mar-a-Lago, was searched on suspicion of “violating the espionage law.”



According to the document, the prosecution ordered FBI agents to conduct a detailed search of every room of the 58-room mansion used by Trump and his staff. The list of documents removed from the house includes official documents labeled “top secret”, which should only be found in government institutions, as well as a document titled ” President Of France” And Photographs. On the other hand, the American Washington Post newspaper claimed that the search was related to documents related to nuclear weapons.


After the raid, while Trump and the Republicans were targeting the FBI, there was a development that increased the tension the previous day. The gunman, Ricky Shiffer, wanted to break into the FBI’s office in Cincinnati. After failing, Shiffer fled in his vehicle and was stopped after a chase, and was shot dead when he pointed a gun at the police. It turned out that Shiffer is linked to the far-right “Proud Boys” group, which is a supporter of Trump.


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