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Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming: viewers flee, numbers in free fall on all three sites


The live streaming industry is not doing very well. The number of average viewers is falling almost everywhere. From Twitch to YouTube Gaming via Facebook Gaming : in the last year all three platforms have lost users.

Not only are there fewer viewers, the hours spent online by the same streamers are also decreasing . From April to June – reveals a survey by Streamlabs -, the streamers of the three platforms cumulatively recorded over 273 million hours of live coverage. This is down by 19.4% compared to the second quarter of 2021 and down by 12% compared to the previous quarter.

Viewers watched a total of 7.36 billion hours of live coverage from their favorite streamers. This figure is also down: -18.1% on an annual basis, -8.4% compared to the previous quarter. The trend highlights how the streaming phenomenon is gradually losing its bite. A phenomenon that is almost perfectly specular: viewers are losing interest, but also the content creators themselves, less and less willing to go live in pursuit of the dream of becoming popular and monetizing their talents in this way.

The market share breakdown remains almost unchanged compared to the past: Twitch continues to be the most used platform, with around 76.6% of traffic. The most viewed games on Amazon’s platform continue to be GTA V and League of Legends .


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