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Twitter, a vulnerability allowed the doxing of anonymous users: the social network admits the problem after more than a year


Twitter admitted that a vulnerability has been used in past years to steal the personal information of more than 5 million users. “We want you to know – reads a press release from the company – that a vulnerability until recently allowed anyone to enter a phone number or an email address, in an attempt to find out if that contact was associated with an existing Twitter account. , and if so, to which specific account “.

A not secondary problem, considering that this exploit could be used to trace the true identity of an anonymous account .

We know that a malicious actor exploited this Twitter security flaw to steal the information of 5.4 million users . At the time, when a computer scientist reported the existence of this dangerous vulnerability, the company responded by shrugging and claiming that it was unaware of any incidents related to this problem. In other words, Twitter reassured users at the time, claiming that the problem had been corrected before anyone could exploit it to steal information. But it wasn’t true.

Now Twitter not only confirms that the privacy of over 5 million users has been breached (as the Bleeping Computer website reported several months ago), but has also announced that it has already begun to individually contact each person affected by the leak, while specifying that it probably won’t be able to pinpoint every compromised account for sure.


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