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Twitter Blue will also cost more: $ 3 to $ 5 a month, but is it worth it?


Twitter Blue will also cost more. It is yet another service involved in the recent wave of price increases. Wave that hit digital services and tech products of various kinds without distinction. Moreover, all in a context of profound difficulty for the economy.

Twitter Blue is the premium subscription of the Twitter social network. It offers a number of exclusive perks and perks, but has not yet made its European debut. It is currently offered exclusively in the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

Twitter Blue was offered at three dollars a month, a relatively modest price and quite consistent with the quantity and quality of the exclusive features offered to date. It will soon go down to $ 5 a month . Definitely expensive.

For the moment, the price increase will affect only new subscribers, while those who are already subscribed to the service will continue to pay three dollars a month until October.

Twitter explained that the increase had been planned for some time, since the company had proposed it for three dollars in order to reach a large number of users during the launch phase. However, now that thousands of users have already learned to appreciate the service, the time is ripe to end the promotion and position the cost of the subscription a little higher.


Among other things, Twitter Blue offers the possibility to cancel the sending of tweets, to access some newspapers without advertising and, in addition to that, there are also a whole series of functions related to NFTs.

The rises also hit Italy. Amazon Prime will cost (much) more  while the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality viewer will be offered at 100 euros more than in the past.


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