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Twitter Delegate will replace TweetDeck’s team features

Twitter Delegate is set to replace TweetDeck’s team features. Delegate can be offered to users under Twitter Blue for a certain fee.


Twitter Delegate is set to replace TweetDeck’s team features . With the Delegate feature, which Twitter has been working on for about 1.5 years, you can perform the account method as a team . 

Delegate , which was first noticed by Nima Owji, who is known for discovering the features that apps are testing in November, continues to be developed by the Twitter team. While Owji shared the Delegate feature with his followers in November, he announced that TweetDeck’s team features were moved to Delegate. 

User roles and privileges in Twitter Delegate

According to Owji’s newly shared tweet, Delegate hosts two different roles , Contributor (participant) and Admin (administrator) . Participants can send DMs, post Tweets and create Lists. Also, participants can view the account ‘s DMs, tweets, and listings . Administrators, on the other hand, have the authority to invite or remove the participants, while they can perform any action that the participants can do . In addition, it should be noted that administrators have access to account analytics . 

For now, Delegate’s interface design remains unclear. The recent release of the TweetDeck macOS application may be an indication that Delegate will appear with a TweetDeck-like design .

In addition, according to Jane Manchun Wong’s findings, TweetDeck can be offered to users within the scope of Twitter’s subscription application, Twitter Blue, for a certain fee . This shows that Delegate , which is planned to replace TweetDeck , may be offered to marketing professionals for a fee . At this point , it is worth remembering that Twitter offers  different features with “Twitter Blue” for 30.99 TL per month .


Twitter came to the fore with CoTweet , which allows the two accounts to share posts together, and Twitter Location Spotlight , where businesses can add location and contact information to their profiles . When we look at the steps taken by the company, it is possible to say that Twitter has drawn a route that  centers businesses .


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