Twitter: Elon Musk aims to double estimated subscription revenue


Elon Musk has recently begun to clarify the situation of the future of Twitter after having been able to confirm the acquisition of the well-known company behind the social network of the same name, and now everything is happening especially with regard to revenues of society. The well-known entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX does not only want to make the platform free from censorship, as confirmed by now, but also to improve his earning possibilities in order to enhance his purchase.

As explained on the pages of The Verge , according to Musk Twitter will be able to make a profit of 10 billion dollars by the year 2028 only for what concerns the subscriptions, given that if it were to be realized it could double the forecasts of the company of 5 billion. The entrepreneur would have made the situation clear to entrepreneurs with a pitch, which deepened the subscription data in a rather precise way.

The forecasts would in fact apparently speak of a total of 69 million subscribers to the platform by 2025, and more than double that should instead be reached in only 6 years, once again in the course of 2028. Then we talked about growth also of users, with in fact the members of the platform that should go from 217 million last year to 600 by 2025, and instead to 931 by 2028.

Even if the entrepreneur’s plans are certainly somewhat optimistic , we will see how the situation will evolve for the platform, in fact discovering over time if all the premises we have recently talked about will be able to be respected. While there are no more details on the matter, it looks like a new subscription outside of Blue will also be launched.

  • Elon Musk thinks he can double Twitter’s revenue through subscriptions alone (The Verge)


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