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Twitter evicted from Colorado office due to unpaid rent

A judge evicted Twitter from its Boulder, Colorado office this week after failing to pay more than $75,000 in rent for three months. It all started after the landlord sued the company, according to the Denver Business Journal. The judge sided with the landlord and gave Twitter until the end of July to evict.


This is a unique situation as Twitter did not pay the traditional office rent. Instead, he was given a letter of credit worth $968,000 back in 2020, and the funds were used to pay the landlord. However, the line of credit ran out a few months ago and Twitter has not made additional payments. The office is reportedly still in operation, with about 150 employees, up from 300 at its peak. The company’s landlord in San Francisco is also suing the company for unpaid rent. Elon Musk, meanwhile, is pushing for an end to remote work, but that will be hard to achieve without office space.

TechCrunch uncovered another Colorado lawsuit against Twitter, when a local cleaning company said the social network failed to pay its bills, amounting to about $100,000 for services rendered. Former employees are also suing the platform to recover more than a million dollars in unpaid legal fees, and San Francisco is also investigating possible building code violations of the headquarters. Other lawsuits against Twitter involve the jailing of a Saudi dissident and more.

Twitter has dissolved its press office, so there is no one to comment on the mess.


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