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Twitter user showed how he plays Helldivers 2 using the wrist interface

If you’re a big fan of Helldivers 2, Arrowhead’s third-person shooter that became a smash hit within days of its release, you might enjoy this video from one of its players.



User BigBadHater posted a video showing him playing Helldivers 2 using a wrist-based interface to enhance the immersive experience.

In the video, BigBadHater shows how he summons various Stratagems such as airstrikes, weapons and turrets by entering certain combinations on the stream deck attached to his left hand. For example, to summon supplies, you need to press DOWN, DOWN, UP and RIGHT.


BigBadHater also shared another video with Helldivers 2 and the stream deck, but on the table.


How convenient is this method? Most likely, not particularly, since it requires taking your hand off the mouse or keyboard/controller. But as an experiment, it counts.


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