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Twitter victim of data breach: the phone numbers of VIPs, politicians and influencers are on sale


Last January Twitter was the victim of a data breach . Now the data of over 5.4 million users of the social network is for sale to the highest bidder on the web. Twitter has confirmed that its users’ data has been compromised, the company has opened an investigation and is working with authorities.

The rich database is on sale for $ 30,000 on a well-known forum used by cybercriminals. The database includes data from over 5.4 million users . Among the information included is the phone number and email address of millions of people.

Information that the hackers were able to obtain by exploiting a vulnerability reported by computer researchers last January and in the meantime corrected by Twitter.

The database is tempting for scammers and cybercriminals – it contains everything you need to launch a large-scale phishing attack.

The exploit allowed access to the email address and telephone number of users, even if this information had been hidden by the social settings dedicated to privacy .


The person (or group) who created the listing in an attempt to sell the database calls themselves ‘Devil’. According to the criminal, the database would also include the phone numbers of several celebrities, as well as politicians, journalists and many other potential high-profile targets.


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