Twitter: Will the acquisition jump? The CEO prepares for “every scenario”


There has been talk for some time now about how Elon Musk , figure at the head of Tesla and SpaceX , should have the opportunity of acquiring the Twitter platform not too long , given that this was officially purchased by the entrepreneur with different objectives. . However, only recently, everything was stalled due to the fact that Musk relied with his purchase on a series of incorrect data, since in the account of the total users belonging to the platform were also included real ones. and own bots.

With these who therefore had the opportunity to create discrepancies between the real results and those declared, and with Musk who had already anticipated the way in which he thought of improving the platform, achieving truly ambitious results over the next few years, it was necessary take a step back until the situation is further investigated. There is even the possibility that the deal will eventually be blocked due to incorrect data provided.

The current CEO of the company, Parag Agrawal recently had to talk about how everything could actually not happen, explaining that in his opinion the deal will close successfully, but it is good to be prepared for each scenario. This applies both to possible legislation that could prevent the entrepreneur from taking control of the platform, and to any second thoughts by Musk after the current figures have emerged.

The CEO was then able to announce the changes regarding the team of leaders who currently manage the platform, despite the acquisition is imminent and it is almost certain that the current Twitter administration will be completely changed by Musk, who the has criticized in the past.

  • Twitter CEO says he expects Musk deal to close but is ‘prepared for all scenarios’ (Engadget)


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