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Ubisoft CEO apologizes to staff after careless remark


In mid-January, the president of Ubisoft urged employees to act responsibly, given the difficult times for the company, and make every effort to continue to develop and release high-quality and successful games.


He specifically noted that the responsibility for the successes and failures of Ubisoft lies with ordinary employees, and asked them to work effectively in difficult periods in order to straighten the general course of the company. 

According to media reports, employees reacted negatively to the wording of their boss, starting to blame Ubisoft management directly for all the troubles. This forced Yves Guillemot to respond quickly to the situation at the first opportunity  after calls for a strike began to be heard.

“I heard you and I apologize if my words were misunderstood. When I said that you are responsible for the timely release of the largest line of games in the history of the company, I meant that today we really need your talents and motivation. Us waiting for a common journey, which, of course, depends on me, on the management, which should provide the conditions necessary for further success,” Yves Guillemot told Ubisoft employees.

Right now Ubisoft is in a somewhat difficult position. Amid poor financial performance, the company decided to cancel a series of unannounced projects, reschedule Skull & Bones, and focus more heavily on its biggest franchises. A big bet is made on “long-lived” games.


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