Ultrasound patch serves as a mini ultrasound system


Among the scientific advances in the medical field there is also the ultrasound patch . It is the size of a BAUS postage stamp, has the ability to control human internal organs with non-invasive methods for 48 continuous hours. The device was born from the collaboration of a group of researchers and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Also together with Makihata Engineering of San Jose.

The test on the new patch was carried out on volunteers both at rest and on the run. The ability of BAUS is to adhere well to the skin and create high quality images . The different images published by the tests concern the change in stomach volume before and after the ingestion of liquids. Then the heart before and after physical training and finally also the lungs and internal organs.

Scholars report:


In vivo testing showed that the device could be worn comfortably for 48 hours and docking the array to a commercially available ultrasound platform enabled continuous ultrasound images of the carotid artery, lung and abdomen.




To complete the connection of the patch-ultrasound to instruments that translate the sound waves reflected into images. The next aim of the research will be to create a wireless instrument.


We can imagine having various patches applied to different parts of the body that communicate with the smartphone, where artificial intelligence algorithms could analyze images on demand.

Xuanhe Zhao, coordinator of the study



Furthermore, this technology would allow the monitoring of muscles during physical exercise, but also of a pregnancy or the development of a tumor .




  • A hi-tech patch sees in the body, it is a wearable mini ultrasound system (


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