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University of California, after Overwatch and LoL comes Valorant

The University of Irvine, California will expand its esports program by adding a Valorant team to its existing Overwatch and League of Legends teams.

Valorant, a first-person shooter with a team-oriented approach and a strong focus on quality gameplay  “is commended for the developer’s efforts in supporting community, representation and integrity in the competition.” So Mark Deppe , director of the Uci Esports University of Irvine (California), announcing that from next autumn the University will have a Valorant team that will join the current ones, Overwatch and League of Legends.


“Riot Games’ actions align with the virtues and values ​​that the UCI program is committed to upholding,” continues Deppe, “and by inaugurating the Valorant collegiate competition this fall, we plan to offer an exciting opportunity to continue growth and the evolution of the scholarship program for esports ”.

The Valorant student club team representing the UCI is already considered one of the best in the country. He has won national tournaments, including the Pacific Gauntlet, the UC Esports Initiative Invitational, and the Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 Conference One competitions.

“We are incredibly motivated to compete and represent the UCI ,” said the young Andrei Go , president of the club. “The UCI Esports finally entering the Valorant scene seems like a dream come true.”

Uci Esports will hire a coach for the Valorant team and host auditions during the summer between already enrolled and incoming students. Players will receive $ 2,000 to cover part of their tuition and compete on Riot Games’ first-party circuit: the College Valorant Championship.


“Valorant is the most visible title in North America by number of viewers and has shown that it has the interest and stamina behind top-tier esports,” said Ronald Ly, assistant director of Uci Esports. ” Riot is using these spotlights to push diversity and inclusion initiatives into their action plans every year, so we’re extremely excited to be participating in a new title and genre that aligns so closely with our values.”


The Brilliant Future campaign of the UCI publicly launched on 4 October 2019, aims to raise awareness and support the university. It involves 75,000 students and is supported by the 2 billion dollars of philanthropic investments raised by the UCI with the aim of increasing student success, health and well-being.

Uci Esports, focused on competition, community, entertainment and academic career, has been considered one of the most comprehensive collegiate esports programs in North America since its inception in 2016. With expansion into Valorant, the program currently manages three teams , including championship winning teams in League of Legends and Overwatch.


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