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USA: ban for the supply of chip production materials to China


The chip war continues, and continues through rumors: according to some rumors of independent experts, it would seem that the Chinese company SMIC has found a way to produce chipsets equivalent to 7nm. This obviously brought America and the chip companies in the US to attention.

In the past, a ban had already been issued for the export of technological material to China, except that until today the block concerned the production materials of chips less than or equal to 10nm. Now, however, as it seems that Chinese R&D departments are getting closer, the block rises to 14nm .

The American choice, however, could create problems for some multinationals such as Samsung Electronics and SK hynix , which have large factories in China (even if they produce larger and “older” chips). On the other hand, however, this ban will slow down the Chinese semiconductor market, effectively offering an opportunity for Korea to ride the wave and pick up the pace.

According to some observers, in fact, the moves of the US seem problematic in the short term for Korea, but in the long term they will offer the Koreans the possibility of recovering some ground.




  • The US will ban the supply of 14nm chipmaking equipment in China (


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