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Valheim has a competitor in the form of survival game Aska – beta is coming soon

The start of 2024 has seen a flurry of quirky survival games, from the breakout hit Palworld to the mysterious Enshrouded. Nightingale recently released, adding a touch of class to the genre, while rumors of a long-awaited Valheim update are flying in the wind. However, specific release information for the latter is scarce, so while we wait for the next chapter of the Viking saga from Iron Gate Studio, we can look to the closed beta version of Aska for a dose of northern flavor.



Aska, like Valheim, is a survival game about Vikings, throwing players into a world where magic and secrets are around every corner. You have received the Eye of Odin, a powerful artifact that will help you build your own corner of the northern paradise, but you are not alone.


You have to support a tribe – a collection of NPCs who can be trained in a variety of disciplines. Teach them to harvest or call them to war – you are in charge here. However, you shouldn’t be too cruel – your residents have their own needs, the balance of which must be maintained in order for the settlement to prosper and survive.



If you’d rather venture into the wilderness with friends, the game allows you to team up in squads of four and challenge the creatures. Aska promises confrontation “with various mythical enemies.”


The Aska closed beta will run from Monday, April 15th to Sunday, April 21st. All you have to do is add Aska to your Steam wishlist before Friday, April 5th for a chance to be tested.


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