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VGC editor: Suicide Squad developers are unlikely to remove service elements from the game


Last week, there were reports that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s release was delayed after a mixed public reaction to the first gameplay demo.


According to insiders, the release of the game will be delayed until the end of 2023 or will be pushed to 2024, but the extra time will be spent on polishing rather than reworking the service elements that have caused criticism.

In the latest episode of the podcast, VGC editor Andy Robinson discussed the topic and shared some of his insights.

According to him, the developers of the project, with whom he was able to talk, actually speak of the game with many positive words, especially in comparison with Gotham Knights.

“I’ve been told that this isn’t another Gotham Knights and that everyone working on it is actually quite optimistic about the combat cycles, the game world and things like that.”

Robinson notes that judging by the stories of the developers, he will be surprised if Rocksteady does in some way significantly remake Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, since the project sounds pretty positive in words.


The Suicide Squad was originally scheduled to release in 2022, but the release was pushed back to spring 2023, and in December, WB Games announced a May 26 release date.


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