Vodafone rejected Illiad and Apax’s preliminary offer


It has not been long since there was talk of the possibility for Vodafone to be totally acquired by Illiad , at least for what concerns all the Italian activities.

However, after much talk of the offer received by the giant, it emerged that this was officially declined, since apparently the same “is not in the best interest of the shareholders”.

It should be emphasized, however, that, although there was initially talk of an offer that amounted to 14 billion euros , the same would amount to around 11 billion euros. It is not clear at the moment whether the refusal was born precisely because of the price, although it seems that this was a trigger, which is not to be excluded, given that the actual seems decidedly less high than expected.

After the rumors of the refusal have started to circulate over the last few hours, here is the confirmation, but considering what has been anticipated, it is still possible that – while the business will continue to focus on improving – there will also be further proposals for the acquisition of the activity in the Italian market by some further competitors interested in the considerable power.




  • Vodafone rejects Iliad and Apax offer for activities in Italy (IlSole24Ore)


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