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Volkswagen introduced the V.MO drone taxi prototype

Working on drone taxi and vertical take-off and landing aircraft, Volkswagen introduced its new drone taxi prototype in China.

We have told you many times in the past that electric drone models that can carry passengers are starting to appear more and more every day . Working on drone taxi and vertical take-off and landing aircraft, Volkswagen introduced its new drone taxi prototype in China.


To remind you, Volkswagen introduced an aircraft capable of vertical landing and take-off in 2020 . After about 2 years, Volkswagen Group China, which came up with a new prototype, unveiled the electric drone prototype called V.MO.

The code name of the prototype introduced by Volkswagen is ” Flying Tiger “. Let’s also share that the drone model named V.MO, which can carry 4 people with their luggage, will have a range of 60 minutes and 200 kilometers . Flying Tiger, which has 10 propellers in total, has a length of 11.2 meters and a wingspan of 10.6 meters.

Let’s add that whether the Flying Tiger prototype has autonomous features, no information about its engine or batteries has been shared. According to the information conveyed by Volkswagen, Flying Tiger will start test flights soon.

The company, which will also develop a more advanced new prototype for the next year, will complete its test flights in the summer of 2023 with its new prototype.

According to the information conveyed by Volkswagen Group China CEO Stephan Wöllenstein , the company aims to start mass production of the Flying Tiger concept in the future. We will continue to inform you about the developments regarding the drone taxi concept, which has been on the rise in recent years.



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