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WhatsApp starts allowing to hide online status from desired contacts

In addition to hiding its online status from certain contacts, WhatsApp has started rolling out the ability to leave a group without notifying other users.

WhatsApp has been coming up with many new updates recently. Finally, we have conveyed to you the news that the messaging application has increased the time allowed for deleting sent messages. From now on, it was shared that WhatsApp users will have 2 days and 12 hours to delete their messages . The company has now announced new privacy updates.


The prominent update of WhatsApp was the ability to hide its online status from certain people. The company started to hide users’ online status from strangers by default last December, but we can say that this feature is now being expanded. 

The company’s only innovation is not limited to this, from now on, users will not be able to take screenshots in viewable messages. It will also be possible to leave any group chat on WhatsApp without informing other members other than the group admin.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that these features will help keep WhatsApp messaging as private and secure as a conversation. Users who want to use the feature will hide their current status on WhatsApp after clicking the “Who can see me online” option by following the WhatsApp Settings, Account and Privacy steps. WhatsApp has announced that it will offer this highly anticipated update to its users very soon. It was shared that the new features will be available starting from the UK this month. 

WhatsApp also announced that it would start showing former participants of group chats . Accordingly, WhatsApp users can see who left or removed from a group in the last 60 days.


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