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WhatsApp: Three new privacy features arrive, ghosting lovers have something to celebrate


WhatsApp is about to introduce a substantial package of news, all dedicated to the privacy of its users. Introducing the new features is Mark Zuckerberg himself.

There are three functions that will be introduced with the next update: 1) finally it will be possible to hide the activity status in the app; 2) you will be able to exit the group chats on tiptoe, without notifying the other members; 3) it will be possible to block screenshots , making conversations truly private.

All three features are highly anticipated by users. Furthermore, two of these innovations had already been anticipated by some leaks from the specialized site WABetaInfo several weeks ago.

Let’s go in order: today users can hide the blue check, the one that warns the interlocutor when his message is read; but it doesn’t matter, because the words ‘online’ that appear when we open the application to reply to someone else make every attempt at discretion useless .

The new update will finally solve this paradox: users will be able to hide the ‘online’ status. In this way our contacts will no longer be able to know when we are using WhatsApp (and therefore when we are ignoring their messages on purpose).


Then there is the question of groups: it will be possible to leave group chats more discreetly, without the other members being notified . To understand, the writing that indicates that a certain contact or phone number has left the chat. Only group administrators will be notified.

Finally, Zuckerberg has promised that WhatsApp will soon block the ability to take screenshots and record the screen when viewing ‘expiring’ media by default.


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