White elephant: a rare specimen was born in Burma


Burma sees the birth of a rare white elephant born last July. The fact is so rare that it represents prestige, power and good luck . The specimen has pearl-colored eyes, white fur and a very distinctive tail. These are the typical characteristics of an albino elephant, the same one that was born, in fact, in the Rakhine State, in western Myanmar.

When he was born he weighed 80 kg and was 70 cm tall. An albino elephant is not white, but a light gray or pinkish gray color. This is due to the lack of melanin production . However, given its rarity, here it is indicated as a symbol of luck. In many parts of Asia it is also a symbol of power and prestige. One example is the home for three white elephants built by Khin Nyunt, a former head of government dictator, in Rangoon. It then became a point of tourism and pilgrimage.

In Hinduism, the Asian elephant is also considered a divinity, as well as in Asian religions in general. This, however, did not save him from the risk of extinction. The total population is certified to have decreased by at least 50% in recent generations of elephants . To give birth to the white elephant was Tsar Nan Hla, a 33-year-old elephant. The baby elephant must still have a name, and it will surely be a symbol of the good fortune she brings with her.



  • A rare specimen of white elephant was born in Burma, a symbol of luck and power (


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