Wikipedia risks being banned in Russia, download rush starts


It has been about a month since Russia decided to invade Ukraine by chaining the war, and creating multiple problems not only for the country that is being attacked, but also for its own citizens.

In fact, we have seen many companies, with the list that continues to grow day by day, confirmed the stop of its support for Russia, and revealing that some services and sales of additional ones have been suspended. With the danger that this also happens for Wikipedia , a well-known platform full of information of all kinds, some users are gearing up.

With the risk that the country really finds itself creating a new exclusive internet, as recently anticipated, and that therefore Russian citizens find themselves even more isolated from the world, many users have decided to download the entire Wikipedia database , without that there is still talk of a stop to support for the country.

This is simply a maneuver that many are thinking about, however, since the actual, if this happened, would be faced with a big problem related to the many information present, which obviously will not continue to be updated, but can still be read and used by all users who have decided to proceed with the download.

At the moment, as reported on the pages of Slate, it is a maneuver that not a few have thought of, frightened by what could happen in a few months if Russia decides to take a step back on the use of the well-known free encyclopedia. It will obviously remain to be seen how the situation will evolve within a few days, given that what is happening for Wikipedia is not yet clear.




  • Russians Are Racing to Download Wikipedia Before It Gets Banned (Slate)


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