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Will Avowed be at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase? Check out a suspicious tweet


Avowed could return to show itself on the occasion of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on June 12. To suggest it is a tweet from Josh Sawyer , an Obsidian game designer specializing in RPG, who re-shared a post from the official Xbox account regarding the event, adding a short comment that suggests that he is impatient to the idea of ​​what will be shown.

Announced with a trailer in the summer of 2020 on the occasion of the Microsoft event, Avowed disappeared from the radar for quite a while and now it could finally return to show itself with more substantial info and perhaps with a new trailer. Be careful, however, because the project in question may not necessarily be Avowed. In fact, we recall that Obsidian is currently also working on other projects including The Outer Worlds 2  and according to various rumors also on a mysterious third project, that is an  investigative title with role-playing mechanics.

Obviously, at the moment it is difficult to understand what the title in question could be. After all, Sawyer simply retweeted the post indicating the date of the event without providing further clues as to what will be shown. What is certain is that on June 12 there will be news from Obisidian.


To find out what they will be, we just have to wait until June 12 , remembering that the show will be broadcast starting at 19:00.



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