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Will Crisis Core: Final Fanatasy VII remastered be announced tonight? A clue pops up


In recent days, the well-known lekaer The Snitch has published an image linked to Final Fantasy VII on Twitter, suggesting that big news is coming at the Square Enix event tonight that we remind you will be broadcast at midnight precisely. The most accredited hypothesis is that the announcement suggested by the leaker has to do with the arrival of a remastered of Cris Core: Final Fantasy VII , the spin-off prequel of the beloved chapter of Square Enix that tells the adventures of Zack Fair, released on PSP.

The tweet published by The Snitcher, which we report below, includes an image showing the final sequence of Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the image in question, Zack  drags Cloud, while in the background we see Aerith. Additionally, the tweet includes four colored squares that most likely indicate the various platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.

The possibility that a remastered or remake of Cris Core will be announced tonight is actually very concrete, given that in the past Hajime Tabata, director of FF XV and Cris Core, had talked about the possibility that we could see the spin-off again. only after the release of the remake of Final Fantasy VII.


We remind you that The Snitch has proved in recent weeks as an extremely reliable leaker , correctly anticipating many of the announcements of the Summer Game Fest starting from the release date of The Last of Us: Part 1 up to the landing on Xbox Game Pass to Day One of Silksong.

Obviously, these remain pure and simple speculations at the moment . To find out what announcement it is, we just have to wait for tonight’s event.

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