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Windows 11: the new widget dedicated to the Xbox Game Pass arrives


Microsoft has presented a widget for Windows 11 dedicated to the Xbox Game Pass. The Game Pass is a subscription with a flat rate: a sort of Netflix of video games that allows you to access a catalog of over 100 titles by paying a fixed fee every month.

Among other things, the Game Pass (in the Ultimate formula) also allows access to some video games in the Cloud: the user can play triple A titles on his smartphone, or on older computers that do not have adequate processors and GPUs. All you need is a good internet connection.

The new widget allows you to always have the latest innovations introduced in the Game Pass catalog at your fingertips. For now, the widget is only available to users enrolled in the Windows Insider program.

The widget shows the latest video games introduced in the catalog, and also alerts the user to the video games that will soon be removed from the service. Microsoft has explained that they are also working on other functions. For example, one day the widget will suggest to the user which games to try, based on their tastes.

If you are subscribed to Windows Insider, you can already access the new widget by simply selecting it from the widget board of your PC.



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