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Winter Survival was postponed for a week to take into account feedback from casual players

Studio Drago Entertainment announced the postponement of the release of the survival game Winter Survival . The game was originally supposed to be released on February 28, but now it will happen a week later – on March 6. During this time, the developers will try to add difficulty settings for casual players.


We received a lot of feedback regarding the difficulty of the game. While we always intended for Winter Survival to be as challenging as it is now and intend to stay the course, we also see the need to adapt to players who would like a less challenging experience.

While Survivalist difficulty will remain the same, Explorer mode will see significant changes in terms of balancing and difficulty to make the game more accessible. Additionally, we’re adding an Adaptive Mode so gamers can adjust the difficulty to a level they’re comfortable with.

Changes like these won’t happen overnight, so we’ve decided to delay the release of Winter Survival by 7 days to give ourselves enough time to properly implement these changes.

In the story, the hero is stuck on Mount Washington with his friend after an accident. To escape, you need to monitor indicators of food, water, cold resistance and mental health. Loss of sanity leads to fatigue, weakened will and hallucinations.


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