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Witchfire’s first major update will be released on April 4th

announced the exact release date of the first major update to the shooter with roguelite elements called Witchfire . The patch called GGU will be released on April 4, although the creators previously set it for February-March.



The developers admitted that they delayed the launch of the Witchfire update away from other major releases, as well as sales in various stores.


Changes and new items in the GGU patch:


  • Reworking the disaster system (curses on the map), since now it punishes players too much, especially beginners – the system will become more transparent, gamers will clearly understand when problems begin


  • Improved Witchfire starting clocks and classes with more weapons, rebalancing subclasses, skills, etc.


  • A new type of enemy that the developers call the Druid – slow enemies that deal lethal damage


  • Leveling rebalance – increasing the hero’s level will now be more related to the player’s achievements, especially if he overcomes extreme difficulties


  • Expansion of the map – in particular, a new zone in the Irongate Castle location (a torture chamber will appear)


Witchfire is available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store from September 2023. The game will remain in this format for 12-18 months. Then the game will be released on consoles.



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