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World of Warcraft Discovery Season players completed new raid 12 hours after launch

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season 2 Season of Discovery kicked off yesterday, and a team of dedicated gamers not only reached the level cap of 40, but also cleared the brand new Gnomeregan raid. In just 12 hours.


This is 12 hours of continuous gameplay to not only level up from level 25 to 40, get decent equipment, but also complete a new raid, defeating all the bosses. This race was won by the NOVA group consisting of five mages, two warlocks, two priests and one shaman.

The team managed to defeat the final boss of the raid early in the morning – the task was not easy, and at first the group was constantly defeated. However, it became easier when players realized that they needed to interrupt one of the boss’s destructive spells. After this, the final attempt was successful.

All ten players had to forget about rest, constantly leveling up and clearing content as quickly as possible in order to overtake the rest of the raiders. While others were quietly completing quests, practicing professions, and exploring new phase features, they were grinding for 12 hours straight.

Now, having completed the raid, they can calmly explore other innovations, such as new class runes that radically change the gameplay, or the interesting Blood Moon PvP event.


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