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World of Warcraft subscriptions in Argentina will soon increase in price by almost 3000% – and the situation will only get worse due to inflation

Last month, World of Warcraft players in Argentina received a nasty letter from Blizzard about two separate subscription price increases making it nearly impossible to play WoW there.


According to Wowhead, WoW players were told in January that the monthly subscription price would increase from 650 pesos to 12,000 pesos – and that’s not all. Blizzard plans to charge in US dollars on This is important for two reasons:

Firstly, $14.99 is 12,460 pesos, which is more than the original price increase.

Secondly, the currency exchange tax when paying by card in Argentina is about 60%. That is, with conversion, the price would be around 19,936 pesos per month for the game they already bought. An increase of 2967%. If you convert it into dollars, it goes from less than $1 to $24, and the minimum wage in Argentina is about 118,000 pesos.

Thread author Zutsa writes on the subreddit:

I asked a friend if he would continue playing WoW. Although he owns The War Within, he probably won’t play anymore due to these changes.


Zutsa says he’s seen different reactions:

Many are angry at Blizzard, even those not from Argentina, and others agree because it will reduce the number of bots through the VPN for lower prices.

While this is a reasonable argument, local players may start buying gold from farmers to circumvent the costs – the problem will simply take a different form.

The switch to dollars also means that if the situation in Argentina worsens, WoW subscriptions will become more expensive. Unfortunately, the country’s economy continues to go downhill and there are no signs of recovery yet.

Naturally, the problem of the weakening of the Argentine peso concerns not only Blizzard but also other publishers and developers – many did not accept payments in pesos at all, and others may follow Blizzard’s example and also introduce dollar prices. It is likely that under such conditions, Argentine gamers will stop buying games altogether.



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