World of Warcraft VR mod turns MMO into FPS

Whether you’re strolling the serene streets of Silvermoon or sipping a pint of ale at the Lion’s Pride Tavern, Azeroth remains as exciting as ever, despite World of Warcraft’s now dated graphics. Still, it’s one thing to immerse yourself in a Blizzard MMORPG from the distance of a third-person camera, and quite another to look at this world in VR.

Among VR games, there isn’t a single MMORPG that deserves special attention, but a version of World of Warcraft compatible with VR devices could be a great start. And now, after a multi-year development cycle, modders Streetrat and Marulu from Flat2VR have brought that vision to life.

This mod includes features that should please any VR fan, including positional audio with head tracking, analog movement, and more – details can be found on the project’s Github page . But the most significant change is the first-person view, thanks to which Azeroth and its inhabitants, friendly and dangerous, come to life on a completely different scale, and the game itself turns into something like an FPS.

As cool as this mod is, it unfortunately does not work in the current version of the game. The mod is only compatible with patch 3.3.5a, the latest update released for Wrath of the Lich King. Naturally, this makes it unsuitable for use with Classic or modern WoW. However, even with this limitation, VR and WoW fans should appreciate it.

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