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Worm riding in Dune: Awakening will not be available at launch

In MMO Dune: Awakening, players won’t be able to ride sandworms—at least not at launch. Like other aspects of Fremen culture, this mode of travel will be released in a future update.



Speaking at a Q&A session at GDC 2024, Dune: Awakening developer Funcom explained that while some aspects of Fremen culture will be present at launch, such as harvesting water from blood, many more will appear later in the update. This is due to the fact that the game’s release was planned before the premiere of the film “Dune 2”, in which the Fremen play a significant part.


Dune: Awakening game director Joel Baylos said the decision was made by the studio behind the latest Dune films, Legendary Pictures. Funcom worked in collaboration with Legendary to create Dune: Awakening, and it seems the company didn’t want the MMO to include the Fremen before the film series got around to them.



It is unclear what other parts of the Fremen way of life will be postponed until the renewal, but it can be assumed that other features of the life of the indigenous population of Arrakis are also involved.


However, there will definitely be worms in the game. In a recent livestream for Dune: Awakening, the developers confirmed that they will be just as deadly as in the source material, killing players in seconds.


Another thing that bothered fans was the game’s indifference to the religion of the Dune universe. In an interview with Eurogamer , Baylos stated that Dune: Awakening’s alternate timeline allows the team to “bypass religion.” This statement was later retracted, with the developers clarifying that it simply meant that players would not be playing as a messiah-like figure.


Dune: Awakening doesn’t have a release date yet, but if it was expected to come out before the release of Dune 2, then the wait won’t be long.


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