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Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t rule out Starfield coming to PS5

According to Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, Starfield’s release on PS5 is still possible.


During the official Xbox podcast, Spencer announced that four Xbox-exclusive games will be coming to other consoles. He did not specify which titles he was talking about, but confirmed that Starfield was not among them. Fortunately, for those hoping to see Bethesda’s space RPG on PS5, things aren’t so hopeless.

In an interview with The Verge following the announcement, Spencer said he was open to the possibility of more Xbox exclusives coming to other platforms in the future. Spencer says:

I think we as an industry should never rule out any game coming to any other platform. We are now focused on these four games and learning from these experiences.

We are not working on porting other franchises. But I think it’s wrong when someone categorically states that something will never happen. After all, in the gaming world it is important to rely on the wishes of users and our creators.

Also on the podcast, Spencer confirmed that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is not among the games moving to other platforms, although, like Starfield, there is a possibility that PS5 and Switch players will be able to play it in the future.


As for the announced four, Spencer’s hints give an idea of ​​possible names. As the description suggests, two of them are community-focused and have reached the ceiling of potential on Xbox and PC – making Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded strong candidates. And the other two are described as smaller games that weren’t originally intended to be platform exclusives – a nod to Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment.


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