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Xbox boss tells employees that “every screen is an Xbox” and the company will become the king of cross-platform

Details continue to emerge from an internal Xbox meeting that took place on February 6th. Microsoft’s gaming division is aiming to turn “every screen into an Xbox,” according to a new report.


At the meeting, Xbox executives Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond allegedly addressed employees following rumors that exclusive games like Starfield and Indiana Jones could become cross-platform. Now, according to Inverse, Bond told the crowd, “Every screen is an Xbox,” while showing off the Game Pass Palworld game on tablets, TVs and handheld devices.

Journalist Shannon Liao writes that “Bond detailed Xbox’s cross-device strategy and big ambitions to become the number one cross-platform gaming company.”

Liao wrote about the same meeting in her newsletter last week, saying Spencer assured employees that Xbox had no plans to exit the video game console market. This is still emphasized in the new report, but it looks like Xbox consoles may be just one, smaller part of Microsoft’s overall gaming strategy. Which, frankly, could be expected after such endeavors as Xbox cloud gaming.

The future of the Xbox as a gaming console has been the subject of endless debate in the gaming community ever since rumors of multiplatform began circulating. Whatever the truth, it looks like we’ll find out more¬†on the Xbox Podcast¬†with Phil Spencer today – February 15th.


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