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Xbox exclusive Forza Motorsport will receive two major changes to the car progression system in March – details


Last month, Turn 10 Studios promised to overhaul car progression in Forza Motorsport , and has now announced two major changes that will be made to the game to achieve this.


The corresponding update will be released in March and will allow players to install any part on the car without increasing its level as soon as it is received.

At the same time, Car Points , which are spent on upgrading cars in the game, can now be obtained for in-game credits . The developers are currently testing a ratio of 4,500 credits per 500 Car Points . However, players will still be able to level up and earn Car Points as before, and the time required to reach level 50 remains the same – around two to three hours. As for discounts on brands, they will remain the same as now.

Also this month, Forza Motorsport will receive the February update, which will, among other things, add the 20.83 km Nordschleife race track.


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