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Xbox Game Pass subscription growth has begun to decline

As of February 2024, Microsoft’s game subscription service Game Pass has 34 million subscribers. The company revealed this figure in a post where it shared plans for the future of the Xbox gaming division.


Recent data shows a sharp slowdown in Game Pass growth. It took the company three years from the launch of the service in 2017 to reach 10 million subscribers in April 2020.

In the next five months, another 5 million users were attracted, and by January 2021 their number reached 18 million – a growth rate of about 90% per year. A year later, the company announced a Game Pass audience of 25 million people. Over the past two years, the library has added 9 million subscribers, which corresponds to an average annual growth of only 18%.

This decline is likely worrying for Microsoft, as Xbox executives yesterday announced plans to release the brand’s games on more platforms, including PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, which have a much larger audience than Xbox. However, Microsoft currently has no plans to offer Game Pass on Sony or Nintendo platforms.


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