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Xbox Game Studios: dedicated page displays all completed and in development projects


A ResetEra user has created a page that traces the entire history of Xbox Game Studios and that collects all the projects completed, in progress and those subject to rumors. It was created by the user Slicer Dyster with the support of the user Figments and the insider Klobrille. You can view it at this address .

It is a truly detailed work, since the page in question does not limit itself to proposing a sterile list of the titles made by the individual studios, but tries to trace their history by dividing the individual titles by year of launch, status (published, upcoming or simply rumored), platforms and metascores. Additionally, the page also distinguishes between pure Xbox Game Studios and those acquired alongside  Bethesda Softworks . Only the Activision Blizzard studios are excluded from the list because the acquisition is not actually concluded yet.

In any case, it is a very interesting work that allows us to have an almost complete overview that summarizes the history of all the teams mentioned, even with various details such as the number of employees and additional curiosities , such as the years in which the various studies have been acquired, those that have closed their doors and finally also the projects canceled over time.


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