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Xbox Series sales skyrocket after Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield showcase

Several foreign sites noticed that after the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield’s detailed presentation, the Xbox Series X|S consoles became very popular on the marketplace.


For example, shortly after the show, sales of the Xbox Series X increased by 1335% in French Amazon. This figure should not be taken seriously, since the retailer’s charts change every hour, and what sales were before that also remains a mystery.

Now, for example, French Amazon’s bestseller section includes The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a Starfield-themed Xbox controller, and Final Fantasy XVI. The Xbox Series isn’t even in the top 30.

In addition, the Xbox Series X topped the GameStop chart for the first time in a year. This was noticed by a Twitter user under the nickname Welfare_JBP.

At the Xbox Games Showcase presentation, Phil Spencer said that Microsoft has increased the availability of the Xbox Series X, and also announced a new revision of the Series S in black and 1TB SSD.


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