YouTube also risks the Russian blockade: “Anti-Russia videos must be stopped”


After the war between Russia and Ukraine began, with the first country attacking the second like a bolt from the blue, many social media found themselves in quite delicate situations, given that with users having the opportunity to create content it is easy to run into several problems. While it is unclear when the situation will resolve itself, Russia has decided to precisely instruct Google to stop its “information attacks” taking place via YouTube .

According to the country, the company is committing acts of a terrorist nature simply by allowing the advertisements that are used to threaten Russian citizens on the platform, which apparently may be suggesting people to undo the rail links between Russia and Belarus. There were also warnings that encourage the research giant to stop distributing videos deemed “anti-Russia” as soon as possible.

At the moment the company has not yet had the opportunity to comment on the situation, and therefore we do not know how it will evolve, with more and more blocks by the country – such as that of Instagram detailed in this article – which seem to want to isolate it more and more. from the rest of the world precisely because of the contents that are shown on social networks.

However, it must be said that since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, YouTube has not been in big trouble in this regard, and that it would be in case of blocks of the first action of this type, which could be seen within not too long according to what is suggested. All that remains is to find out if Google will answer the question and how, risking in any case that Russia decides to say enough for the moment also to the YouTube platform and that this is then blocked.




  • Russia warns YouTube to stop ‘anti-Russian’ ads (TechCrunch)


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