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YouTube introduced AI tools for music: from imitating artists’ voices to converting whistles into melodies

YouTube has introduced new experimental AI-powered services, including a feature called Dream Track in YouTube Shorts. This tool allows you to create soundtracks of up to 30 seconds using AI-generated voices of artists. Despite musicians’ skepticism about AI (and the use of their voices to train models without permission or compensation), YouTube has recruited nine famous artists, including John Legend, Troye Sivan, Charlie XCX and T-Pain. The feature was planned to be announced at the Made on YouTube event in September, but negotiations with labels over rights and payments delayed the process.


Users can activate a Dream Track by entering an idea into the creation line and selecting one of the participating artists. This is done using Lyria from Google DeepMind, the latest and most powerful music generation model designed to create quality vocal and instrumental tracks, giving the user more control over the final product. Everything Lyria produces will have a SynthID watermark denoting its origin.

Charlie Puth and T-Pain created Dream Tracks samples that YouTube shared as inspiration. However, many performers have expressed concerns about AI but are hopeful that working together can create positive and non-exploitative opportunities.

Singer Charlie XCX says:

When I was invited to YouTube, I was careful and still remain vigilant. AI will change the world and the music industry in ways we don’t yet fully understand. This experiment will be a tiny glimpse into the creative possibilities that can be realized, and I’m interested to see what comes of it.

AI music tools will also be coming to YouTube in collaboration with the Music AI Incubator. These instruments can create guitar riffs from a whistling melody or turn a pop track into reggaeton. Producer and songwriter Louis Bell created a sample video to demonstrate its capabilities.


YouTube carefully walks the line between introducing AI tools and protecting against their misuse. The video platform recently announced new rules for labeling AI-generated videos, allowing public figures such as musicians to report abusive deepfakes.

For now, Dream Track is only available to a limited group of creators and artists, and Music AI Incubator participants will be able to try out the tools later this year.


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