3D artist presents a gun made from a crab

Realistic digital guns are certainly impressive, but they struggle to truly stand out among the plethora of 3D gun models posted online every day. However, every now and then someone manages to take a familiar concept and rework it so that a regular gun turns into something unique that hints at the intriguing universe behind the concept.

That’s what Trum Dray, an artist and designer, did, who recently recreated a double-barreled shotgun with a scope made entirely from… crab. It turned out quite interesting and appetizing – after it you might also want crab sticks.

Tram’s crab gun has a unique chitinous body both outside and inside – why metal and various polymers when guns can literally be grown!?.

The artist noted that he created the crab gun in Blender and intends to refine it. Trump plans to add even more crustacean-inspired details before unveiling the final version.

It is worth noting that the form could still be a little more original.

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