Google invites Apple to use RCS technology for messages


The “green bubble” issue regarding communication between Android devices and iPhones has been an issue for years, but the topic has been receiving more attention recently with allegations that Apple’s messaging strategy is not only arguably class-based, but is also violating the security of its customers and violating the company’s guidelines on accessibility. Even more frustrating, Apple could solve this problem if it adopted the industry and operator standard for RCS messaging to replace SMS on its devices, and now Google is stepping up the pressure on Apple with a new ‘Get The Message’ website and a marketing campaign designed to highlight the problem.

RCS messaging, in short, isn’t even a Google product, just a set of agreed technical standards that were supposed to replace the old SMS format as RCS offers features like typing indicators, end-to-end encryption (for 1 conversations: 1), reactions and sharing of higher quality multimedia contents.

There are several ways to implement RCS , and carriers have spent years changing things by creating their own systems that didn’t match anyone else’s. In 2019, Google took matters into their own hands, starting the rollout of their universally interoperable RCS system via the Messages app, and that was what it needed to be successful.

Although there were rumors that the GSMA would make it a requirement for 5G, that never succeeded and Apple quietly but stubbornly refused to adopt the standard. Of course, Apple probably appreciates the blocking effect of iMessage . Apple, as a seemingly privacy-focused company, would improve customer privacy and security if it adopted the standard: RCS supports end-to-end encryption and SMS does not, but Apple forces its customers to use it as a fallback. .




  • Google calls on Apple to ‘fix texting’ and adopt RCS messaging (Android Police)


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