The studio of a former Blizzard artist has announced a sci-fi shooter-RPG

Imagendary Studios, founded by former Blizzard artist Wei Wang, has unveiled Astropulse: Reincarnation. Set in a war-torn future Earth, this new single-player sci-fi RPG third-person shooter aims to be a key component of a larger cross-media universe.


Astropulse is a sprawling science fiction saga that traces the influence of a mysterious cosmic energy known as the Astropulse over a billion years. This energy arrived on Earth thanks to a meteorite about 250 million years ago, significantly changing the biological evolution of the Earth and causing a global catastrophe that transformed human civilization. In this fractured world, new species and civilizations emerge, locked in a struggle for survival against ancient entities. In this post-apocalyptic setting, a young man and his trusted companions embark on a journey to overcome their seemingly predetermined tragic fate.


According to its LinkedIn page, Imagendary Studios is a “cross-media creative studio dedicated to developing premium quality entertainment projects.” It was founded by Wang in 2020 and acquired by FunPlus in April 2021.

Amid ongoing turbulence in the gaming industry, the studio was forced to cut staff last year. Wang mentioned this in his latest LinkedIn post:


Due to a variety of factors and challenges in the industry, some of our team members are unfortunately unable to continue working with us. We have had to make some difficult decisions and are now faced with the resulting challenges. Like the characters and stories we create, we plan to gather all our strength to embark on a new journey and continue to move forward, whether through periods of peace or adversity. We remain committed to creating our stories and sharing them with the world across various cross-media platforms.


The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5. The studio also intends to expand the Astropulse universe through short films, comics and graphic novels.


More information will be revealed as the development process continues.



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