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Final Fantasy XVI: trailer and period of exit from the State of Play


As many expected, Final Fantasy XVI has finally returned to show itself in the final stages of the State of Play tonight with a new trailer that also reveals the release period of the game. The sixteenth final fantasy will be available for the summer of 2023 on PlayStation 5.

The new trailer , introduced by the words of Naoki Yoshida, offers a crackling mix of combat cinematic sequences and flashes of gameplay in which we see the protagonist, Clive, in the middle of the action, performing a slew of combos and devastating moves. confirming the presence of a frenetic and captivating combat system.

We know that the development team, headed by Hiroshi Takai, is now in the last stages of development and is focusing on refining the gaming experience. Naoki Yoshida has also assured that the team will soon release interviews to the specialized press, so we can expect a lot of new information coming for Final Fantasy XVI.








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