Heart: Three servings of whole grains a day are good for you


A recently published study found that three servings of whole grains a day help the body. Whole foods have been shown to help control fat thickening, blood glucose and blood pressure. All pathologies that can ruin the heart . In addition, they reduce the abdominal circumference.

As many as 3,121 people participated in the research with an average age of around 50 years. The health conditions were analyzed, then the people were evaluated other times after 4 years of each other. All for a period of 18 years. It was reported that the group ate three servings of whole grains a day with less fat accumulation around the abdomen. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure values ​​are also more monitored. Lower blood glucose and triglyceride levels were also recorded compared to the comparison group.

The benefits are due to the whole grains that preserve the bran and the germ. They are very high in fiber and beneficial for the heart . They have edible parts by nature, which are then expelled in the refined product. Bran and germ are rich in fiber precisely because the endosperm remains intact. This contains a lot of carbohydrates and minor vitamins and minerals.

It is precisely the fibers that give greater control of blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Then vitamin B, vitamin E and minerals help reduce inflammation in the body. They also serve the prevention of hypertension and obesity. However it is always better to ask for the advice of a nutritionist, especially if you are pregnant. Additionally, some refined grain products can be fortified with folic acid .

  • Three servings of whole grains a day can be very good for your heart (


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