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Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are disappointed with microtransactions, but Capcom promises to fix performance problems

Dragon’s Dogma 2 released today, but despite receiving rave reviews from critics, many players are disappointed by the unexpected presence of microtransactions and performance issues on PC.


It looks like Capcom has added a number of gameplay-impacting microtransactions since yesterday’s review of the game was published – an extremely calculated and low move. This left a bad taste in the community, and Dragon’s Dogma 2 currently has “mostly negative” reviews from players.

Many of the more than 7,000 user reviews on the platform are calling the developer to task for adding paid DLC to the single-player game. Especially considering their direct impact on the gameplay. For example, one of the items allows you to resurrect the dead. Another one that has caused dissatisfaction is the “Art of Metamorphosis – Character Editor” DLC, which costs about two dollars. As the name suggests, this one-time consumable gives users the ability to change the appearance of their Reborn, although Capcom notes that players can also obtain this item in the game itself. So why are you selling it as microtransactions? Maybe save slots can also be used for microtransactions?

Aside from the DLC, Dragon’s Dogma 2 also received criticism due to framerate issues. The developer has acknowledged the issue and said it is “looking for ways to improve performance in the future.” However, some players are already taking matters into their own hands, adjusting settings and taking other actions.

In response to the growing dissatisfaction, Capcom published a post in which it acknowledged the performance problems of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and promised to address glitches and bugs in a future patch.


As for paid DLC, Capcom shared a list of items that can be both purchased and obtained in the game, including the aforementioned Art of Metamorphosis, Wakestone, and Rift Crystals.

  • The art of transformation (changing a character’s appearance)

  • Mysterious Rift Incense (pawn character change)

  • Portcrystal (for fast travel)

  • Stone of Awakening (returns the fallen to life)

  • Rift Crystals

  • Homemade dungeon key (for escaping from a dungeon)

  • Smoke bait for harpies

In addition, Capcom announced plans to add a feature to the Steam version of Dragon’s Dogma 2 that will allow players to start the game over again. The company promised to share details “as soon as possible.”

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to all those who were looking forward to this game.

Despite these shortcomings, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is still popular. On Steam, the game has already surpassed 200,000 peak concurrent players, surpassing the records of other Capcom games such as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village.

It is unlikely that the presence of microtransactions will negatively affect the number of players, but such a practice seems very aggressive for an RPG.



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