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New mod for Dragon’s Dogma 2 adds target acquisition system

The vanilla version of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC doesn’t have all that good mouse controls, fortunately modders are doing their best to solve this shortcoming. Previously, a mod was released that improves camera movement with the mouse, and now there is a mod that introduces a combat system with target acquisition.



Since Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t have a target lock system, combat can feel a little weird, especially when dealing with a group of enemies. Luckily, developer alphaZomega quickly came up with a working solution.


When playing with a controller, after installing the Lock-On Combat mod, you can look at an enemy and press the right analog stick to lock on. And if you move the stick to the left, you can switch to another target to the left of the current one, or to the right for a target to the right. You can also move the stick up and down to change what part of the enemy’s body the targeting is locked on. Although the mod is configured for gamepads by default, you can easily edit it and replace the right analog stick with a mouse button.


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